God's Greatest Blessings

God's Greatest Blessings
Our Gifts from Above

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh be careful little eyes what you see, Oh be careful little ears what you hear, Oh be careful little mouth what you say....

Recently, I have been really careful with what I allow my children to hear, say, and see.  My husband and I have always been cautious when it came to what our children watch on tv or the music they listen to, but lately I have become even more aware of the little things that we say, hear, and see.   We made a list of hurtful words we are not allowed to use, we only watch shows that are educational or inspirational, and the music in our home has to be uplifting (most of it is worship music).   In Proverbs 4:23 it says "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."   We need to guard what enters our mind and hearts.  If we are constantly letting wrong things enter our minds and hearts that is what will come out. 

It warms my heart when my 3 year old hears something that an older sibling says, and she tells them "that is not nice, or that is on our list of words not to say"   She is guarding her heart at a young age!  The older sibling is always quick to apologize and that  puts a smile on my face.  They know and understand that what she is telling them is right and that they need to change their habits.  Most of the time we say and do things out of habit.  It is hard to change, but with God's help and our willingness to allow Him to change us, it will happen.  We also have to be willing to allow others to respectfully remind us that we are falling into old habits. 

I pray that each of my children will learn to guard their hearts.  I pray that even as adults, they will chose to allow God to work in them and through them. 

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