God's Greatest Blessings

God's Greatest Blessings
Our Gifts from Above

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh be careful little eyes what you see, Oh be careful little ears what you hear, Oh be careful little mouth what you say....

Recently, I have been really careful with what I allow my children to hear, say, and see.  My husband and I have always been cautious when it came to what our children watch on tv or the music they listen to, but lately I have become even more aware of the little things that we say, hear, and see.   We made a list of hurtful words we are not allowed to use, we only watch shows that are educational or inspirational, and the music in our home has to be uplifting (most of it is worship music).   In Proverbs 4:23 it says "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."   We need to guard what enters our mind and hearts.  If we are constantly letting wrong things enter our minds and hearts that is what will come out. 

It warms my heart when my 3 year old hears something that an older sibling says, and she tells them "that is not nice, or that is on our list of words not to say"   She is guarding her heart at a young age!  The older sibling is always quick to apologize and that  puts a smile on my face.  They know and understand that what she is telling them is right and that they need to change their habits.  Most of the time we say and do things out of habit.  It is hard to change, but with God's help and our willingness to allow Him to change us, it will happen.  We also have to be willing to allow others to respectfully remind us that we are falling into old habits. 

I pray that each of my children will learn to guard their hearts.  I pray that even as adults, they will chose to allow God to work in them and through them. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting back to basics

In todays world of electronics and technology, it is easy to lose sight of the simple basic things of life.  When was the last time you sat down and played a board game with your family, or read a book together?  I think technology has its good points, but it also is very distracting.  I can remember one evening while eating dinner, I looked up and saw something very upsetting.  My oldest son was surfing the web on his iTouch,  my oldest daughter was texting her friends, and the other kids were just staring at them wanting just a moment of their attention.  That is when one rule was born in our home, NO ELECTRONICS AT THE DINNER TABLE.   I think it is important to talk with each other during at least one meal a day.  Ask one another how they are doing and feeling.  Conversation is very important to families.  I believe that without it, the family will eventually fall apart.  They will not know each other like they should. 

It breaks my heart to see no real interaction between parents and children, or sisters and brothers.  The family is the most important tool God uses to make an impact in this world.  I know that is why Satan attacks families so much.  He knows how powerful a family, who prays together and serves God together,  is.   We need to limit our use of the internet, television, video games, and cell phones.  We need to spend more time developing our relationship with God.  We need to use our time wisely.  I want to implore you to put aside everything that distracts you from your family for just an hour a day and spend that time getting to know your children and spouse better!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally on the mend????

We have been sick for a week now; coughs, fevers, and other cold symptoms.  I think we are finally getting better.  Fevers are pretty much gone, except for Hope this morning.  She had a slight fever but it went away quickly after taking a half a dose of ibuprofen.  The coughs have been very annoying.  Keeping us up at night and making our muscles in our chests ache.  We could use a vacation !!!!!  

We decided to go ahead and do school today.  This week we will be doing some special projects.  The teens will be learning all about being good stewards with their money and they will be learning to make out a budget and how to pay bills.  We will also be doing an experiment at the end of this month, where they will be doing the families' grocery shopping for me :)  I found some really neat tools to teach budgeting.  The website is  

Please pray for us to continue to heal from this horrible flu bug.  I am praying for each family we know, so they may not have to get this bug. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joshy's Birthday Video Age 6 :)

Busy busy busy.....

Well things are finally slowing down at our home, but now we have the flu :(  We are taking our vitamins and eating well, so hopefully we will be over this quickly. 

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  Loved spending time with loved ones.  On January 1st our baby boy turned 6.  Joshy had a wonderful day.  He chose a football theme for his party.  We had a good time decorating and he had a great time enjoying it all. 
Joshy with his OSU Buckeye Cake :)

I am making a video for him today and will upload it as soon as I am finished :)