God's Greatest Blessings

God's Greatest Blessings
Our Gifts from Above

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Traditions

In our home we have quite a few traditions.  Each year we make a chain (made from green and red construction paper) to count down the days until Christmas.  We usually put it up right after Thanksgiving.  The little kids love to wake up every morning and take one of the links off.  It is a great thing for me too, I don't have to keep telling them how many days are left, they can see for themselves :) 
This was taken right after we made it.

Another tradition is making ornaments for our tree.  Sometimes we make picture frames or foam ornaments, and one year we even used ornament kits.   They were a bit tedious, but the older kids enjoyed them.  This year we are making ornaments using pipe cleaners and beads.  It is a tradition we do the week right before Christmas.  Gives the kids something to do that week to make it go a little quicker :)

We also enjoy sitting down and watching our favorite Christmas movies.  We love "White Christmas",  "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Charlie Brown's Christmas Special".    Of course we enjoy watching some of the old animated shows as well.  I think "Frosty the Snowman" is our favorite.    We usually pop some popcorn and sit around cuddled under blankets when we watch these classics.  On really cold evenings we have hot chocolate and warmed cookies.  I love making these memories with our kids. 

Another tradition is making cookies with my kids.  We all huddle in the kitchen and make our favorite, yummy treats.  Cut-out sugar cookies, chocolate chip, and peanut butter blossoms are just a few we make.   This year we are going to add a few new treats to our list.  We are going to make red and green popcorn balls and rice crispy  treats cut into shapes and decorated.   It is great to get everyone involved.  Even the little ones can help measure and stir.... oh and they love to decorate their own cookies :)

My favorite tradition is what we do on Christmas day.  We wake up, open presents, then we read the Christmas story from Luke.  We sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and even bake a cake in His honor.  After all it is his birthday we are celebrating.   We have taught our children that He is the real meaning of the season.  We want them to know that Christmas is all about giving.  Giving of ourselves to help others throughout the year, not just during the holidays.  Jesus gave of himself everyday and He gave the ultimate gift when He died for us.

What are some traditions you share with your family?  Do you make special memories with them each year? 

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