God's Greatest Blessings

God's Greatest Blessings
Our Gifts from Above

Monday, December 6, 2010

More ideas to share :)

We wanted to share some more ideas with  you all :)   During the day each of my kiddos have certain chores to complete.  In order to let them know what is expected of them, we have a chore chart.  They each have 2 card holders, one that says "Need to be done"  and the other that says finished. Each chore has a card to explain what the chore is and in what room.  Every morning their cards are placed in the need to be done holder, and then as they complete a chore, they move over the card that corresponds with that job.  It helps them to know and not forget what is their responsibilities for the day, and keeps me from having to remind them all the time.  It is important to be sure to go over each chore card with your child/teen,  and show him/her how you expect the chore to be done.   Even our little ones have a few chore cards.  We have read over them enough, that they are able to read them on their own :)  We believe it is very important for our children to have responsibilities.  It prepares them for having a job and home of their own one day.    Here are a few pictures of our Chore Chart :

This chore chart is very easy to put together, and it only costs $3. 
All you need is a poster board, card holders (that were purchased at the Dollar Tree, in the teachers section), index cards and some stick glue :)

Yesterday a very dear friend of mine shared a link to make a wonderful thing called Flubber.  It is great for preschool and elementary age children .....the teens probably will play with it as well :).  Here is the link for that recipe.  She said it is easy to make, easy to clean up,  and hours of fun!!!!!  We will be making some this week and will share with you how it goes :)

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