God's Greatest Blessings

God's Greatest Blessings
Our Gifts from Above

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zealous 4 year old

Hope just turned 4 in May.  She is a very energetic little girl.  She loves to learn, which makes me very happy!  On Monday, we started school and she is very excited about the new workbooks she is using this year.  Today she came to me and showed me that she had finished her Numbers workbook.  I couldn't believe it!  She had been doing it during her playtime.  She was actually doing school when she could have been playing with her many toys.  I told her how proud I was of her and she said  "Thanks mama, I love my books.  Will you buy me more?"   I told her I would buy her any books she wanted. 

This little story made me think about us being zealous in our learning.  Do we hide away and study our Bibles?  Are we ready to learn more and more about His Word?   Do we get excited to study His teachings?  I want to know all I can about my Lord.  I am going to begin to study His Word more faithfully!

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