God's Greatest Blessings

God's Greatest Blessings
Our Gifts from Above

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a week

Along with school, we have been very busy praying this week.  A family from our county has been missing for over a week.  We are hoping that they are found alive soon.  If you would like to pray for this family and receive updates on them please see this link.!/pages/Pray-for-The-Maynard-Kids/174173612594279

Every time I get frustrated or tired, I think about how blessed I am to have the family I have.  They are healthy and happy children.  They are kind-hearted and loving.  They really care for others.  I thank God every day for them.  I pray they will continue to grow spiritually as well as physically. 

Each day has it's challenges and I won't say that I handle them all well, because well, I am human.  I fail just like anyone else, but one thing I do before I go to sleep at night is tell my kids that I love them and if needed, that I am sorry for anything that may have not went well during that day.   We have to remember that when we do get frustrated or upset, that we must repent and ask our children to forgive us.  I believe that renews their respect for us and gives them a good example to follow when they have issues.  We are responsible for our actions and our responses.  We need to show our children how to respond in different situations, not just tell them how they should act. 

I pray for families every day!  I pray that the parents are good examples to their children.  I pray that Daddy's see their role in the family and take it seriously.  Mama's need to love and nurture their children along with teaching them whenever they get the chance.  Please join me in prayer for families and marriages.  God has to be the firm foundation that we build our homes on in order for it to stand and weather any storms that may come upon it. 

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